Simple. Classic. Elegant.


French elegance.

“Elegance is refusal.” Coco Chanel

Within the closets of Paris hang only a few garments: a crisp white shirt; an impeccably tailored suit; a feminine, flirty skirt; and other pieces that take you from the office to a cafe and then a romantic dinner along the Seine. French women refuse to clutter their closet or their look.

American classics.

“I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear." Katharine Hepburn

Women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Imagine that your 20% was made up of luxurious, form-fitted, and versatile updates to the classics. At Basiques, we’ve identified these essential pieces. You just need to try them on to believe them.

So simple. So chic. So BASIQUES


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Women's Classic Clothing in Houston, TX and Beyond

BASIQUES is a women’s business clothing boutique in Houston, TX. Owner Sheri Falk has created a place where the simplicity of French lifestyle is offered through a great selection of women’s classic clothing, image consultant services and corporate wardrobe workshops. It is a place where the professional woman can find everything she is looking for in a clean-cut wardrobe while embarking on her path towards corporate success.

Simple European Elegance

BASIQUES provides a wide variety of custom women’s professional clothing. Our women’s business clothing boutique is compromised of beautiful, luxurious form-fitting suits, skirts and other pieces. At BASIQUES, we have replicated the closets of Paris, offering women’s classic clothing and other pieces that are essential to any business wardrobe; classics that can simply be worn from the office to even a romantic dinner.

Extraordinary Custom Clothing

This isn’t just your ordinary women’s business clothing boutique in Houston, TX. Here at BASIQUES, we serve our customers with a few convenient services. Other than implementing the French lifestyle into our wide range of high-end custom-fit clothing, we provide image consultant services and corporate wardrobe workshops perfect for any business woman. Sheri Falk is a corporate wardrobe consultant who can help you piece together a work-friendly wardrobe, also suitable for after-hour occasions and events. Do you have or know of a professional group of women who could use a particular update to their wardrobes? We can come to you and present our corporate women’s clothing workshop at your office, conference or event. We also provide aspiring stylists the studio, tools, methods and training to offer fashion assistance and consultation to women.

Easy Shopping

Our BASIQUES website is easy to navigate and offers plenty of information to help you get started with one of our various services today. You can send in your measurements and easily shop online for the custom women’s professional clothing perfect for you. We are Houston, TX’s leading women’s business clothing boutique, putting luxury and simplicity back into the professional woman’s closet. Here at BASIQUES we invite you to speak with our image consultant, add form-fitting, flattering French classics to your wardrobe, and feel beautiful and professional day in and day out!

Leanne Classic White Shirt by Basiques
Leanne Classic White Shirt