Does your wardrobe need a business plan?

We found this fabulous article about investment dressing by Diane Danielson over on the Downtown Women's Club blog and just had to share it.

When Carrie Bradshaw discovered on Sex on the City that she really was the Little Old Lady Who Lived with her Shoes, we all laughed.  But, that was a few years ago when the world was an entirely different place.  Today, many of us wouldn’t find that episode quite so amusing, as the economy has us all scaling back on our expenses.  So, how do you prevent Carrie’s fate?  By creating a business plan for your wardrobe – and sticking to it.  

1.  Write a mission statement.  “I want to dress like a c-level executive.”  “As an entrepreneur, I want to express more of my creative side,” or “I need a wardrobe where everything coordinates and travels well so I no longer have to think in the morning.”

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    Posted by Car Hire on April 19, 2011

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