Basiques Makeover featured in Downtown Women's Club newsletter

We were thrilled to have Sheri's wardrobe makeover of Downtown Women's Club founder, Diane Danielson, featured in their newsletter this month.  Click here to view the complete newsletter.

DWC+ Makeover Subject:  Diane K. Danielson, founder DWC and social media consultant, DKD New Media.
DWC+ Consultant: Sheri Falk, Owner, Basiques

Need: With a growing consulting business, Diane is out meeting with clients most days and speaking at events several nights per week. Dressing each AM became complicated as suits were outdated, didn't seem to fit quite right anymore, and a typical workday now includes the chaos of a large blended family.

Recommendation:  Sheri encouraged Diane to apply the 60-20-20 rule for a simple, yet chic wardrobe:  60% classics, 20% basics, and 20% trends. This meant that Diane could keep the fabulous classic pieces she had accumulated throughout the years so long as she had them tailored to flatter a feminine physique. Then she needed to toss out any trendy pieces that were cluttering her closet without being worn.

Outcome:  Diane donated three garbage bags of clothing, added a couple of basics from Sheri's store, and now has a wardrobe where almost everything mixes and matches requiring little thought in the morning. The bonus is the ability to make small changes to an outfit so that it can go from day to evening and even catch a soccer game in between. 

Diane is modeling an evening look (although the boots were just due to the rainy weather). She'd definitely wear some fabulous platform heels to really make it work!


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