Investment Dressing with a Cardigan

Need to expand your investment wardrobe by a single versatile piece? Add a cardigan to your list of basics! It's an easy way to feel cosy, yet chic this winter. A quality cardigan can be a stylish change of pace from a jacket. Just make sure it's not "your grandmother's cardigan," unless your grandmother was a Grace Kelley or Jackie O type fashionista (more on Vintage looks next week).  

We recommend you find one in a neutral color and at a flattering length.  Slightly longer cardigans can be jazzed up with a belt (if it's not too bulky).  Our Patent Belt and Coin Belt add some pop to any outfit.  If it's a shorter and more structured cardigan, you can also wear it to the office with our Leanne Classic White Shirt and either the Courtney Classic Skirt or Shannon Classic Pant.  Cardigans can also go over dresses, making it a fabulous investment wardrobe.

For more on cardigans, check out the article, Cardigan Chic in The Careerist. The article also features one of our favorite bloggers and blogs, Kat Griffin over at (image below from The Careerist.)


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