Investment Dressing Tip: Think Feminine & Vintage

We loved this recent article in the NYTimes titled, This Old Thing? Actually, It's New. The article focuses on the new trend of looking vintage with new reproductions. 

Unlike many contemporary fashions that are layered, slouched and unisex, styles of the mid-20th century were typically tailored to flatter, even accentuate, the female form. Reproductions of vintage dresses have the same simple, clean lines as the originals, with full circle or straight-to-the-knee skirts. Pants are swishy or pegged; tops might feature Mandarin or flared collars, or double-breasted fronts (but not the yellowed armpits that sometimes bedevil old clothes).

We call this "classic." If you want to look stylish and chic, you want to populate your wardrobe with feminine, flattering clothes that fit. You don't have to go to a second hand store, because this is how we design the entire BASIQUES line.  We include skirts that hit at the knee (the most flattering part on everyone's legs); shirts that are tailored to fit women, not men; sweaters that are fitted, not boxy; and jackets that hit at the correct spots on your waist and hips. (Image below by Yana Paskova of the New York Times).


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