Hot child in the city


Whew! And a happy Wednesday, everyone. If this week’s heat wave makes you want to trade in your Blackberry for a margarita served poolside, we can’t say that we blame you. But fear not, fair ladies of Boston: we’ve got tips to help keep your summer look a perfect 10 (even if the thermometer outside has hit triple digits).

Grin and spare it. Between subway delays, traffic jams and sidewalk gridlock, commuting on a sweltering summer day can take your look from fab to flat in minutes. Keeping a spare change of clothes at work will save you from perspiration-inspired emergencies.

Love to layer, baby. ... But for those days when the office AC is set for Arctic with nary a glacier in sight, reach for an easy layer—think cabled pullover or a lightweight cashmere wrap—to chase the chill away.

One, two step. Synthetic shoes are no treat for summer feet. Man-made materials, often plastic-based, don’t allow the skin to breathe (and are often the source of dreaded blisters). Opt instead for footwear made from natural fibers, such as leather, cotton canvas and jute.

Fill ‘er up. Water’s not just a savior for your skin: it also helps regulate body temperature. Keep cool with at least 64 ounces (8 glasses) a day—add thinly-sliced citrus fruits for an even sweeter treat.

How do you beat the heat while staying in style? Share your tips with us in the comments below.


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