How can a streamlined wardrobe serve you?



Even before Basiques launched in 2001, my philosophy has always been that you don’t need a lot of things—just a few, really great things. This mantra borrows from the European (and especially Parisian) sensibility of favoring a minimalist wardrobe of well-constructed garments that hold well over time, versus a superfluous closet full of fast fashion flops that need to be replaced season after season. 


There are other reasons why a carefully-selected wardrobe will do your body (and peace of mind) good:


“A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”? Not anymore. Every woman has fallen prey to this at one point or another (or knows someone who has): staring deep into a closet overstuffed with tops, dresses and jeans that are faded, worn out, or haven’t zipped since the Clinton administration, then feeling (and often acting upon) the urge to run out to buy another trendy outfit that only temporarily satisfies her fashion fix. Now, imagine a different scenario: looking into that same closet and seeing a smaller selection of classic, reliable pieces that she can turn to time and time again. Everything fits well, thanks to the help of a wardrobe consultant and trusted tailor, and voila—her confidence is restored at the twist of a button. (And who wouldn’t love that?)


You’ll save money—and help the environment. Well-made garments are meant to stand the test of time. Purchase them once, care for them properly, and they’ll be yours forever (or near close to it). Buying repeatedly from fast fashion retailers only supports the ecologically damaging (and unsustainable) cycle of mass manufacturing.


A globe-trotting gal’s dream. Say goodbye to weighty suitcases overloaded with options and hello to a few versatile pieces that will take you virtually anywhere. Don’t forget your passport!


What are some other ways that a streamlined wardrobe has helped you? Share your tips with us in the comments below.


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