What do your accessories say about you?


Bonjour, mademoiselles!

After a brief holiday, we're well-rested and back in fashion action—and excited for the opportunities ahead in 2012. We hope that you are, too. We look forward to sharing even more style tips, articles and Q&A's in the months ahead. Let's go!

You already know that a Basiques' wardrobe offers building blocks to streamlined style. Accessories are a great way to create an individual, unique look. What do yours say about you?


For you, the little black dress is just the start. Your noir-inspired layers take it a step further—think black tights, black pumps, onyx pearls and a sleek black patent clutch. It's so New York, and day or night, it works. Or, maybe you feel confident in crimson. Why not ravish in head-to-toe red.


You've got the Midas Touch, be it an understated pair of gold hoops, a metallic-leather belt or pretty (and practical) platinum flats to get you on your way. Selectively-chosen metallic accessories are a great way to add a bit of shine without screaming for the spotlight.

Color, color, everywhere!

Okay, maybe not everywhere—think here and there. Your signature look might include a peacock-hued scarf, a coral-beaded statement necklace, or leather booties in the deepest shade of amber. It's fun, it's feminine, and it's a bit flirty. Ooh, la la!

Back to nature.

You're drawn to natural fibers and textures—wood, silk and semiprecious stones—and you adorn yourself accordingly. Be sure to check out local vintage shops for gorgeous, eco-friendly pieces that won't break the bank.


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