Too many cooks can spoil your image

The fashion industry churns out trends at a lightening pace. With changing influences from designers, celebrities, and the media, how are we expected to keep up without becoming overwhelmed?

Too much choice means you'll become your own nightmare. Ever leave your home excited solely for the shopping excursion ahead of you? Maybe you're looking for a new blouse for work, or a date dress with your (future) Mr. Right. Maybe you're just itching to browse. You'll walk into one store of nearly dozen identical storefronts, hopeful for what you might discover.  You see something colorful and suddenly, it's just what you're looking for peeking out between layers of fabric. Then, you see the next rack of clothing. And the next. Now you're roaming the aisles frantically, eyeing other women as they claw through racks where you think you see yet another piece perfectly made for you. Yes, you're hallucinating. Your patience thin, you shove past a woman who stands between you and your prize, snatch it up and scamper away to the fitting room. You've claimed it. And since you've spent so much time and effort trying to attain that "got to have it" piece, you buy it, even if the fit is slightly off and the color not quite complementary to your skintone—even if you've got five tops, tees, skirts or dresses just like it at home, sitting in your closet collecting dust. 

Just say no. Like a daunting menu at the Cheesecake Factory, too many fashion choices also means you'll be left feeling unsatisfied. A simplified system of dressing is that much easier to digest (pardon our pun).

Get your style together. We believe it's important to invest in timeless pieces that flatter you. Your look—and the time you'll save—will be yours. Besides, trends are for kids.


  • Finally a person that puts some real work into a blog. I do like what you have done with the blog.

    Posted by Henrietta C. Patten on April 17, 2012

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