Invest in a Wardrobe so You Won’t Sweat It this Summer


Back in the doldrums of winter, from time to time we would drift off at the desk to imagine an early summer: no more vitamin D supplements, a walk to Starbucks sans extra layers, maybe a beach day sprinkled into the work week, but did you picture yourself and what you were wearing? In an ideal world, we would be wearing a flowing cotton maxi dress or short shorts and flip-flops, but we need to flash back to reality and remember that we are at work -- in an office.

How can we balance looking professional while also heeding summer’s call to celebrate the sun and avoid overheating? It’s simple.

  1. Build your summer wardrobe around a few lighter colors such as white, ivory and nude; and fabrics such as cotton.  These can mix in with your year-round investment pieces, yet also go with this year’s bright color trends.
  2. Nude, patent shoes are a fresh staple when is comes to dressing nicely in warmer months. They go with blacks, greys, whites, bright summer colors, and even other nudes.
  3. Cotton trousers and a cotton pencil skirt can also keep you from over-heating. When choosing colors, black is one way to keep things “basique,” but opting for nudes can be classic as well.
  4. When appropriate in your office, ditch the blazer and wear a simple white shirt.  A crisp cotton shirt will keep you cool and looking professional even in the heat.
  5. Lighten up your hosiery. Nude and sheer will work with most summer outfits and are generally required in more conservative offices.
  6. Finally, pick up a few lightweight summer scarfs on the cheap. Where can you find them? Try escorting your daughter or niece to the mall and following her into Forever21. A summer scarf does not have to be an investment piece. It actually brings longevity to your investment pieces by drawing the eye’s attention away from them and giving the effect of a whole new outfit each day you wear a different one. J.Crew also makes some lovely, medium priced scarves that have just the right amount of fullness and also come in tasteful patterns. Don’t know how to tie a scarf? Check out this fun video.

Enjoy the sun shining through the windows opposite your cubicle, and remember to keep an anti-frizz serum in your desk drawer! Happy summer.



  • Sheri!!

    Finally found you, after all these years. Lost track of what happened to you when you moved from Manahattan. I was one of your earliest fans and supporters. I absolutely LOVE your clothes and still have and wear several pieces. But they are aging and I need to replace them. Are you ever in the Boston area at that store? Will be near there in Feb 2013 and would love to catch up.

    Posted by Kathy Jones on February 01, 2013

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