How to Soften Up a Suit

Over the decades, men have traditionally commandeered the corner office; and as modern women, we may feel the need dress in a more masculine manner to offset this convention. The pantsuit, symbolic of power, defies the curve-hugging dresses a la Joan Holloway from AMC’s Mad Men. We traditionally adorn ourselves in greys, blacks, and whites rather than florals and pinks. Our hair is modest, and our earrings aren’t the size of Manhattan. It’s true, the phrase, “think like a man,” sometimes makes us feel like we have to dress like one to achieve the full effect in the corporate world. And, who can argue with the fact that a pair of trousers is much more comfortable than a tight dress and Spanx.

Yet, must we abstain from all traces of femininity? The answer is, no. We can add pattern, color, and softer shapes and fabrics. The accessories and blouses we wear over our tailored pants and under our black blazers can bring out our femininity in the most flattering way without making us look weak. For example, a colorful, flowing blouse in sheer or silk, is a great way to soften up your look, not to mention accessories like scarves and statement necklaces. Note: Necklaces are a better choice in fashion statement over rings and bracelets because they don’t get in the way when you’re shaking hands.


High Fashion Inspiration: If you take a look at Stella McCartney’s Resort 2013 collection, her blazers and suits are the definition of flower power. Of course, most of us wouldn’t dare show up to work decked out like these ladies, but we can implement some of these floral patterns and bright colors into our more traditional office attire.  


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