Transitioning Dressing - from Work to Play (and all the Errands in Between)

Leaving the office and entering life in the outside world can be a bit of a challenge when you don't have time to go home and change in between. This is why it's crucial for today's working women to be master the art not only of investment dressing but also of transition dressing. Here is a list of common scenarios with helpful outfit alterations that will make your transition much easier.

1. Attending your fourth grader's school concert or last minute gift shopping for holidays, baby or bridal showers: 
  • Instead of heels, wear flats with trousers today.
  • Swap your button down for a cabled sweater.
2. Meeting the girls for cocktails:
  • Wear heels with a pencil skirt and a sheer black blouse.
  • Pack a fun eyeshadow with some glamourous earrings and a trendy clutch. 
3. Fancy dinner with the prospective "one":
  • Wear a conservative, yet figure flattering dress with a traditional suit jacket and hose at work.
  • Pack a pair of higher heels, and take off your hosiery before leaving. 
  • Wear hair soft and down, and pack some red lipstick in a black patent clutch. 



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