Three Dresses Every Girl Needs

When you wear a dress, it lends an air of glamour to the everyday. People often think "Wow, she looks nice today," while really, slipping into one dress is easier than planning an entire outfit. There's no need to match pants or skirts with a top, just choose one dress and add accessories. Their simplicity and utility make them investment worthy-pieces, especially if you find one that can be worn in both fancy and casual settings.

Finding dresses that suit both the office and holiday parties can be a bit tricky, but with these three, you'll be able to conquer every venue from family gatherings to corporate events.

  1. The Wrap Dress: Probably the most versatile dress, the wrap dress serves as your more casual option. It can take you from an office party to a family turkey feast. The v-neck also lends just enough sexy to also consider it date worthy. You can pair it with either flats or heels. Choose a cotton wrap and cork wedges for spring/summer, or dress it down with boots in winter. And change up the look by adding our Jackie O Scarf. For a true classic wrap dress, check out Diane von Furstenberg, the creator of this lovely piece, for an online investment. 
  2. The Shift Dress: The shift dress is another alternative to the wrap dress. Since it is sleeveless, it will have more use to you in hotter months. This look is also a classic when paired with a cardigan or classic jacket for the office or a winter cocktail party. When wanting to dress it up, the high neckline can play off statement necklaces. White is perfect and crisp for spring/summer, but for all year round, choose a bright, primary color. 
  3. The Bell Dress: This dress, when accompanied by some high class accessories, heels, and an up-do, is fit for Cinderella. When left to its bare-bones self and some ballet flats or sandals, it can be worn at large cookouts and other gatherings where you want to feel a little more polished. Just make sure to buy a solid color such as red that can carry you through all seasons.


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