A Wardrobe with Longevity

“Buy what you need, buy things that you love, and take care of what you own.” – Elizabeth Cline

As you will discover throughout this site, Basiques is all about investing in classic clothes that are of high quality. We encourage limiting your cheap and trendy, as money is wasted replacing those pieces year after year, or even season after season. We've found that our time and paychecks are better spent searching for quality fabrics and flattering cuts, and owning mostly basic items ("Basiques") that can carry us from work to play. 

Author Elizabeth Cline seems to share our mission. In her book, Overdressed, she talks about cheap, mass produced clothing and the effect it has on our bank accounts and the environment. Yes, that's right, the environment. Cheap clothing moguls, such as Forever 21 and H&M produce their products in foreign factories where they pay their workers far too little, and purchase their fabrics in bulk, leading to waste. Even though we recommend purchasing small accessories from such stores, it is hard to find a quality basics, such as a blazer that is well made and would last for years to come. 

A wardrobe should be centered around a few quality pieces. Initially, these pieces may seem like splurges, but if chosen correctly, they will last you a decade. Cline's book lists strategies to getting the longest wear out of such pieces. For example, she explains how learning to sew or visiting the tailor's can ensure your clothing's longevity.

To learn more about Cline's book, check out this article on Fashionista.

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