Not Simply a White Shirt

For decades, a crisp, white shirt has been considered a mainstay in any wardrobe for both men and women. The sophistication of a collared button-down, the freshness of pressed cotton, and the simplicity of white have stood the test of time. 

Sure, a simple white shirt could be found anywhere from K-mart to Gap, but considering its longevity in the fashion world, you should choose one that will last you a lifetime. Here are the qualities that make an investment-worthy, simple white shirt:

  1. It should fit. As a woman's button-down, it should taper in slightly at the waist to allow for some feminine curve. Not only is a trimmer silhouette more flattering, it also looks more professional and less sloppy. It should also be long enough to tuck in and large enough so buttons are not bursting, but the fabric lightly brushes your skin.
  2. It should be crisp. In keeping with the professional, put-together vibe, your shirt should be made of a crisper, stiffer fabric that you can iron. You want a cotton that is smooth on your skin, but not billowing and loose or see-through.
  3. It should be white. This should be obvious! White buttons, white body, white collar and cuffs. Also, no ruffles, tuxedo effects, or embroidery. Simple.

If you are looking for the perfect white shirt for your investment wardrobe this fall, check out Basiques' Leanne Classic white shirt. Besides being tailored, crisp and bright white, it has a special stand-up color that draws the eye up to your face. Pair it with this season's hot lip color and a classic pant or skirt and you've got the perfect outfit to get you through your busy day!


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