Basiques' Dress for Success Workshops for Professional Women

"When it comes to businesswomen, we may come in all shapes and sizes and different levels of our careers, but there is one thing we can all agree on -- our need for an investment wardrobe. Sheri Falk, of Basiques, did a fantastic job at the Simmons Women and Leadership conference, where she provided tips and advice on how to pull together a fashionable, yet practical, work wardrobe. 

She focused on teaching the audience about the pieces that are "investment pieces," i.e., they are professional, likely to stay on trend across several years, and can take you from day to night as well as jetting around the world (all in a single carry-on suitcase). As someone who travels 40% of the time for business, I couldn't live without the wardrobe Sheri helped me build.

For younger women, it was a wakeup call as to what constitutes "professional attire" and what pieces are worth spending their hard-earned money on. For more senior women, there were a variety of reactions. First, Sheri convinced them to stop hiding their femininity. She demonstrated how they could be professional, yet celebrate the very curves that make them what they are - women.  Second, she provided guidelines to help them create a "stress-free" wardrobe - one where they would know what mixed and matched and how to tailor them appropriately.

Sheri's workshops and presentations are a must for any busy female executive or emerging leader who feels intimidated or overwhelmed by today's wardrobe choices."

Diane K. Danielson
Chief Platform Officer
Sperry Van Ness International Corp.

Contact Sheri Falk of Basiques to speak at your next conference:  sheri (at) or 917.701.4844 for more information.
The following workshop was given to the graduating class of MIT in Boston, MA.


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