What do your accessories say about you?


Bonjour, mademoiselles!

After a brief holiday, we're well-rested and back in fashion action—and excited for the opportunities ahead in 2012. We hope that you are, too. We look forward to sharing even more style tips, articles and Q&A's in the months ahead. Let's go!

You already know that a Basiques' wardrobe offers building blocks to streamlined style. Accessories are a great way to create an individual, unique look. What do yours say about you?


For you, the little black dress is just the start. Your noir-inspired layers take it a step further—think black tights, black pumps, onyx pearls and a sleek black patent clutch. It's so New York, and day or night, it works. Or, maybe you feel confident in crimson. Why not ravish in head-to-toe red.


You've got the Midas Touch, be it an understated pair of gold hoops, a metallic-leather belt or pretty (and practical) platinum flats to get you on your way. Selectively-chosen metallic accessories are a great way to add a bit of shine without screaming for the spotlight.

Color, color, everywhere!

Okay, maybe not everywhere—think here and there. Your signature look might include a peacock-hued scarf, a coral-beaded statement necklace, or leather booties in the deepest shade of amber. It's fun, it's feminine, and it's a bit flirty. Ooh, la la!

Back to nature.

You're drawn to natural fibers and textures—wood, silk and semiprecious stones—and you adorn yourself accordingly. Be sure to check out local vintage shops for gorgeous, eco-friendly pieces that won't break the bank.

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12 style resolutions for 2012 and beyond

With a new year on the horizon and the promise of a fresh start in the air, we resolve to make 2012 our most stylish year yet. Here are 12 tips to make sure it's your most stylish year, too. Happy New Year, mademoiselles!

1. Black is basique and oh-so chic; don't be afraid to expand into other deserving neutrals—think rich, warm browns, cool greys and blendable taupes.
2. If your "go to" is a pair of well-tailored pants and a white shirt, why not try a well-tailored skirt and a striped shirt to switch it up?
3. Nights on the town call for a smokey eye or a luscious lip—not both! Pick the feature you'd like to play up and emphasize accordingly.
4. If it pulls, tugs, nips, bunches or makes you feel anything less than fabulous, get rid of it.
5. We don't care if you got it on sale. Get rid of it.
6. (Note that there are many deserving organizations that will gladly take your gently worn clothing for distribution to women who need a hand. Use Google to find groups in your area.)
7. Shoes can make or break your look—and feet! Choose well-made styles with proper arch support. Teetering and toppling is for the birds.
8. While we're on the topic, stand up straight. Good posture adds confidence, visually subtracts pounds and helps you breathe easier.
9. Treat your clothes with care. Storing them properly and paying for professional cleaning will save you money in the long run.
10. Always part your hair to the left? Try a side part on the right. Are you in a permanent ponytail? Get a trim with face-framing bangs. Head scarves are gorgeous, glamourous, and so elegant.
11. Jewelry is the quickest way to change your look, sans commitment. Colorful, chunky bracelets and simple pendant necklaces are a few of our favorite things—what are yours?
12. Smile, and often.

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Trimmed with care


If you’ve already streamlined your wardrobe, you’re two steps ahead of having something to wear to festive fêtes. All it takes is a few glitzy additions to take your outfit from Basique to magnifique! Keep these tips in mind when the party invitations come a-caroling.


Chandelier or drop earrings play up the European-style stand up collar of our Classic White Shirt. They also easily help transition an outfit from night-to-day—keep a pair or two in your desk drawer or tote bag for an add of sparkle on the go.


Patent leather pumps are versatile enough to wear day or night, yet their supple shine practically demands the spotlight after dark. Try pairing them with fishnets (we especially love nude-colored fishnets) under a pencil skirt for just the right amount of sexy.


A beaded wrap can double as a scarf with a tailored coat or keep your shoulders warm over our bustier. If your outfit is neutral, try a wrap with a burst of color—think rich crimson or decadent plum—or, if your outfit has color, you can’t go wrong with black.


A clutch holds just the necessities (we know how hard it is to leave our beloved totes at home), and its minimalistic nature lets your outfit speak for itself.


Of course, nothing says Ooh la la like red lips. Whether gloriously glossy or meticulously matte, there are options and tones for every skin tone and type to rev your holiday spirit.


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It makes a great gift - and it fits every woman


Whether you’re shopping for the woman who has everything or for the woman who never knows what she wants, why not give her a Basiques’ wardrobe consultation? The holidays may come once a year, but style is forever.


Contact Sheri at 917.701.4844 to discuss scheduling and pricing options.


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Black Friday, beware!

Happy day-before Thanksgiving, everyone!

We recently came across this Huffington Post article and were pleased to see that a classic white shirt was at the top of the list of items that can help pull your look together in an instant. (We don't like to think of it as 'cheap,' though, since our own white shirt should last you a long time, wear after wear.)

With Black Friday right around the corner, we've pulled together a list of things to consider before you start your, ahem, holiday shopping. Remember: just because it's on sale doesn't mean it's worth it—especially if it will sit at the back of your closet with the tags on it until next Thanksgiving rolls around.

•Does this item work with at least three other things that you already own? For example, a colorful silk scarf can pair with a classic trench, double as a belt, or accent the hardware of a leather tote bag.

•How many times do you see yourself wearing it, and where do you see yourself wearing it? (Sorry to break your hearts, ladies, but George Clooney is currently spoken for, so cross any red carpet premieres off of your list.)

•Check for proper fit. A tailor, not Spanx, is a girl's best friend. It's easier to have items taken in than let out, so don't be afraid to go up a size or two (and for the record, vanity sizing is rampant—don't focus on the number, focus on the fit!).

What are some ways that you look riche for less?

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Style that's made to measure


We're pleased to announce the relaunch of our custom wardrobe service. It's you, one-on-one with a member of our style team and the complete Basiques collection, in a comfortable setting to help you find your best fit and most confident look. We'll continue to offer complimentary tailoring, styling advice and fashion guidance—all that's needed is your willingness to embrace a simplified, flattering wardrobe that's created especially for you.


For questions and appointments, please contact Sheri directly: sheri@basiques.com, or at 917.701.4844.


We look forward to working with you!

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How can a streamlined wardrobe serve you?



Even before Basiques launched in 2001, my philosophy has always been that you don’t need a lot of things—just a few, really great things. This mantra borrows from the European (and especially Parisian) sensibility of favoring a minimalist wardrobe of well-constructed garments that hold well over time, versus a superfluous closet full of fast fashion flops that need to be replaced season after season. 


There are other reasons why a carefully-selected wardrobe will do your body (and peace of mind) good:


“A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”? Not anymore. Every woman has fallen prey to this at one point or another (or knows someone who has): staring deep into a closet overstuffed with tops, dresses and jeans that are faded, worn out, or haven’t zipped since the Clinton administration, then feeling (and often acting upon) the urge to run out to buy another trendy outfit that only temporarily satisfies her fashion fix. Now, imagine a different scenario: looking into that same closet and seeing a smaller selection of classic, reliable pieces that she can turn to time and time again. Everything fits well, thanks to the help of a wardrobe consultant and trusted tailor, and voila—her confidence is restored at the twist of a button. (And who wouldn’t love that?)


You’ll save money—and help the environment. Well-made garments are meant to stand the test of time. Purchase them once, care for them properly, and they’ll be yours forever (or near close to it). Buying repeatedly from fast fashion retailers only supports the ecologically damaging (and unsustainable) cycle of mass manufacturing.


A globe-trotting gal’s dream. Say goodbye to weighty suitcases overloaded with options and hello to a few versatile pieces that will take you virtually anywhere. Don’t forget your passport!


What are some other ways that a streamlined wardrobe has helped you? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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Hot child in the city


Whew! And a happy Wednesday, everyone. If this week’s heat wave makes you want to trade in your Blackberry for a margarita served poolside, we can’t say that we blame you. But fear not, fair ladies of Boston: we’ve got tips to help keep your summer look a perfect 10 (even if the thermometer outside has hit triple digits).

Grin and spare it. Between subway delays, traffic jams and sidewalk gridlock, commuting on a sweltering summer day can take your look from fab to flat in minutes. Keeping a spare change of clothes at work will save you from perspiration-inspired emergencies.

Love to layer, baby. ... But for those days when the office AC is set for Arctic with nary a glacier in sight, reach for an easy layer—think cabled pullover or a lightweight cashmere wrap—to chase the chill away.

One, two step. Synthetic shoes are no treat for summer feet. Man-made materials, often plastic-based, don’t allow the skin to breathe (and are often the source of dreaded blisters). Opt instead for footwear made from natural fibers, such as leather, cotton canvas and jute.

Fill ‘er up. Water’s not just a savior for your skin: it also helps regulate body temperature. Keep cool with at least 64 ounces (8 glasses) a day—add thinly-sliced citrus fruits for an even sweeter treat.

How do you beat the heat while staying in style? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the perfect pants

In the spirit of Independence Day, we celebrate a wardrobe that fits and flatters our bodies—a wardrobe not chock full of fads and trends, but of well-constructed garments designed to test the fashionable sands of time. Let freedom ring in our Shannon classic black pants—a quintessential, feminine-cut pair that will give your little black dress a run for its money.

At the office: Pair the Shannon pants with our Leanne classic white shirt and pumps of your choice. The look is crisp, clean, and uncluttered. Or, layer our Candy bustier underneath the Contemporain jacket for style that's slightly more contemporary (and that will easily take you from the corner office to cocktails with a quick swipe of lipstick and exchange of accessories).

For date night, or girls' night out: Swap the Candy bustier for a silky tank (turn up the heat with a cami-style tank, if you please), and pumps for peep-toes. Or, keep Candy and add a thin metallic belt atop the waistband of the pants for a hint of pop that won't steal the limelight. This look would also look appropriate at a wedding; just add a light silk or cashmere wrap atop the bustier (delicate, dangling earrings would look so pretty!).

Cool, girl: Try the pants with our Cheri cable sweater. A black-on-black monotone look is especially slimming, and paves the way to add color wherever you'd like—try a nude patent shoe, richly-hued scarf or brighter shade of lip color than you'd normally wear. The sweater layers easily over our Gigi striped shirt, too, for cooler days (and nights).

Of course, the best way to have any pair of pants look their best is to have the fit customized with the help of a trusted tailor (ask our style team about who we recommend).

Now, you wear the pants: tell us what you love about your favorite pair in the comments below. 

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Tender loving care


Spring's storm clouds have (mostly) passed and have helped pave the way for you to clear out your closet. Hooray! An updated, minimalist chic wardrobe will help your summer days feel that much lighter. But before we go any further, we have to ask to take a peek at that closet of yours. Are those  very minimalist, chic clothes stored properly, or are they crammed into a nook alongside a bridesmaid dress from 2002 that you still can't bear to part with? Have your fall pumps been treated for warm weather storage under the careful guise of a cobbler, or are the spikes of your stilettos worn down to weapon status? Can you count on two hands the number of (eek) wire hangers that twist every which way behind your closet door, beckoning you to ruin yet another top with their twisted, gangly twine?

School's out for the summer, so we won't scold too loudly. Instead, here's a brief list of “Dos” and “Don'ts” that will not only keep your wardrobe in top condition, but will help you keep your sanity, too.

Don't: Assume that garments labeled “Dry Clean Only” are trying to get you to spend more.
Do: Understand that “Dry Clean Only” means just that: it should be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner only. Period. “Dry Clean,” on the other hand, means that it's suggested that the garment is dry cleaned, but could likely also survive a gentle cycle wash.

Don't: Cram as much onto your closet bar as it can hold.
Do: Give your garments room to breathe. This prevents wrinkling, and the potential for snags/buttons/zippers catching on nearby garments.

Don't: Keep dry cleaned clothes in plastic bags and on wire hangers.
Do: Remove the plastic bags, which can trap dry cleaning fumes, and transfer garments to appropriate hangers (padded silk hangers for shirts and tops, especially, and sturdy plastic or wooden hangers for pants and skirts).

Don't: Think a worn-out heel is headed straight for the trash.
Do: Make friends with your neighborhood cobbler. Well-made shoes can almost always be repaired (ask us about the Louboutin Crisis of 2009), and, if cared for on a regular basis, can last a lifetime.

Don't: Leave dirty laundry in a hamper for weeks on end.
Do: Nip stains and odors in the bud by laundering and cleaning your clothes as soon as you can. The longer dirt saturates a garment—especially inevitable body oils—the harder it can be to lift out.

The Golden Rule applies not only to people, but to your wardrobe, too: do unto it as you'd like for it to do unto you. (Or, if you want to look fabulous, treat your wardrobe with the respect it deserves!)

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