Meet me on Newbury Street


One of the things we love most about our Boston store is the sheer vibrancy that radiates throughout its historic Back Bay location. The Boston Public Library, Public Garden and countless award-winning restaurants, hair salons and specialty stores (like us!). We've picked out a few of our favorite places to share with you for your next visit to Basiques.

L'Aroma Café (85 Newbury Street): Located just a few blocks away from our boutique, jump-start your morning with one of L'Aroma's caffeine-infused inspirations. We like the perkiness of their espresso macchiato, and especially love to cool off with a hibiscus tea lemonade during the warmer months. Grab a croissant for breakfast (they have four to choose from), and be on your way!

Beaucage Salon & Spa (71 Newbury Street): The style team at Basiques has helped update your wardrobe; now, let Beaucage help update your look. Hair services (cut, color and specialty treatments) are fairly priced for this decadent neighborhood; skin and spa services are quick yet relaxing, and will leave you feeling pampered.

The Boston Public Library (700 Boylston Street): It's easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city. Though technically one block over from our beloved address, the BPL serves as an oasis in the middle of this metropolitan madness—the architecture alone is worth a visit. Check the website for (free) tour times, and be sure to check out the courtyard on the way out.

Piattini (226 Newbury Street): If you've worked up an appetite, wind down at Piattini (“small plates” in Italian), where authentic Italian food is served to share, tapas-style. It can be hard to find amidst weekend crowds—keep your eyes peeled for a small orange awning—and seating is first-come, first-serve. Try the patio, the eggplant melanzane, and a glass of chilled rosé to cap off your day on Newbury.

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What’s in a name? A scarf that goes above & beyond

Ah, the versatile scarf. The word itself—“scarf”—can bring a million images to your mind. Perhaps it’s a chic (and distinctive) Hermès silk handkerchief knotted smartly at the neck beneath the sleek power suit of lady who lunches. Or, maybe it’s a scratchy wool cape from your childhood, wrapped once, twice, three times around your parka as your mother marched you off to school on a cold winter day. It could be a magician’s scarf, colorful and captivating, or a fringed pashmina draped casually (but so coolly!) over the shoulders of a guest seated next to you at a wedding.

Our style team knows just how powerful the scarf can be, and we treat it accordingly. It’s truly a secret weapon for any woman’s wardrobe arsenal. For example, did you know that you could …

  • Create the illusion of a dress by pairing a sash-style scarf over a blouse and skirt combination. Be sure to smooth out any folds or creases and tie into a simple knot above the hip for a slimming effect.
  • Wrap into a chic twist atop your head as homage to bygone days of glamour and style. Leave the ends loose, or tie into a bow. You can also wear a scarf as a headband—try it with a ponytail for a truly retro effect.
  • Braid through your handbag’s hardware for an added pop of color, texture, or both. Or, loop it through a purse strap and tie into a simple knot, keeping the ends loose for style that trails and flairs wherever you go.

Of course, the scarf’s story is a never-ending fairytale, filled with lots of possibilities. What are some of the ways that you wear scarves? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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BASIQUES offers Wardrobe Workshops for Professionals

Do you have a group of professional women who could use a wardrobe boost?  Let our BASIQUES team come to your office, conference, and/or private event to present our BASIQUES Wardrobe Workshop.  Schedule a workshop today to learn how to:

  1. Dress to fit and flatter your frame;
  2. Be professional, yet feminine;
  3. Transition a wardrobe from day to night;
  4. Lessen the stress in the morning with our 60-20-20 formula; and
  5. For road warriors: how to pack just a few pieces in for both work & play.

Find our more about the BASIQUES philosophy in our "Stress-Less Dressing eBook." 

Workshops are currently available in the Boston area.  Please contact us at sheri (at) or 917.701.4844 for more information.

Recent workshops have been presented at:

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Join the BASIQUES Boston Style Team


When was the last time you found a pair of pants that fit you perfectly? Or a blouse that made you look like you actually have a waist? 

Men have long enjoyed the service of tailoring and custom fit, while women continue to find their self worth in clothes that fit them properly by chance.

Fashion should not be so hard!

 And now you can do something about it by building your own business as a stylist who offers fashion and fit to women.  BASIQUES provides the product, the studio, the tools and training.  You set the appointments and make the commission.


Women wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time.

 Partner with BASIQUES and provide women the 20% of their wardrobe that they will wear time and again.

:  917.701.4844 or

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Building an investment wardrobe starts by clearing out the closet clutter

Facing a closet full of clothes can overwhelm and still leave us feeling like we have nothing to wear.  This is because we tend to wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time. In order to get the most out of your wardrobe and your budget, you need to get rid of the 80% you don’t wear. This is why the first step in building a stress-less investment wardrobe is to clear out the closet clutter.  

Begin the clean out by taking an afternoon to go through your current wardrobe with a critical eye and sorting each piece into four different piles:

  1. Clothes that fit and make you feel fantastic.
  2. Clothes that could be fantastic, but need some tailoring.
  3. Clothes that may not be your favorites right at this moment but qualify as true classics (well-made, clean lines).
  4. Clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year because they don’t fit (and can’t be tailored) or just aren’t right for some reason. 

Why the piles? A “stress-less” wardrobe that works should include only items that fit and flatter your body as it is now, not as it was in 1995. The clean out may take some time and effort, especially if your wardrobe needs a serious overhaul. You might consider calling a friend for support along with some objective input.  

Once you have your piles, it’s time to take further action.

  • Pile 1 (fantastic and fits) goes back in the closet.
  • Pile 2 (fantastic but doesn’t quite fit right) goes to the tailor.
  • Pile 3 (potential classics) goes back in the closet closet.
  • Pile 4 (unworn clothes) can be donated. 

Divide and Conquer

Now that you’ve discovered what’s wearable in your wardrobe, it’s time to see if it matches the 60-20-20 formula. The 60-20-20 formula is the basis of a stress-less wardrobe: 60% classics, 20% basics, and 20% trends.  

To find out more details on how to build a "stress-less" investment wardrobe, register for our mailing list (we promise not to spam you, but only provide updates on specials and other fashion insights).


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A cashmere turtleneck: a classic post-season investment for your wardrobe

From left: Christian Siriano, BCBG Max Azria, Richard Cha

iPhoto: Imaxtree

As winter finally ends, it’s tempting to hit the sales racks. But, it’s always dicey buying something trendy. Will you really want that ruffled blouse next year? Maybe? But, maybe not.  However, there is one trend this year that we think is a great addition anytime.

Want a versatile yet chic investment piece? Try a cashmere turtleneck. Several designers showed them on the runways including Christian Siriano, and BCBG Max Azria.  We love the look of a heather grey with your favorite denims and our Contemporain Classic jacket.  Or how about putting the same grey turtleneck with our Courtney Classic black skirt and patent or coin belt?  It’s also a sophisticated alternative on a cold day with a slimming pair of our Shannon Classic black pants in any year (and even any decade).  One top worn three or more ways and even in different decades? Now that’s our idea of investment dressing. 

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Investment Dressing Tip: Think Feminine & Vintage

We loved this recent article in the NYTimes titled, This Old Thing? Actually, It's New. The article focuses on the new trend of looking vintage with new reproductions. 

Unlike many contemporary fashions that are layered, slouched and unisex, styles of the mid-20th century were typically tailored to flatter, even accentuate, the female form. Reproductions of vintage dresses have the same simple, clean lines as the originals, with full circle or straight-to-the-knee skirts. Pants are swishy or pegged; tops might feature Mandarin or flared collars, or double-breasted fronts (but not the yellowed armpits that sometimes bedevil old clothes).

We call this "classic." If you want to look stylish and chic, you want to populate your wardrobe with feminine, flattering clothes that fit. You don't have to go to a second hand store, because this is how we design the entire BASIQUES line.  We include skirts that hit at the knee (the most flattering part on everyone's legs); shirts that are tailored to fit women, not men; sweaters that are fitted, not boxy; and jackets that hit at the correct spots on your waist and hips. (Image below by Yana Paskova of the New York Times).

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Investment Dressing with a Cardigan

Need to expand your investment wardrobe by a single versatile piece? Add a cardigan to your list of basics! It's an easy way to feel cosy, yet chic this winter. A quality cardigan can be a stylish change of pace from a jacket. Just make sure it's not "your grandmother's cardigan," unless your grandmother was a Grace Kelley or Jackie O type fashionista (more on Vintage looks next week).  

We recommend you find one in a neutral color and at a flattering length.  Slightly longer cardigans can be jazzed up with a belt (if it's not too bulky).  Our Patent Belt and Coin Belt add some pop to any outfit.  If it's a shorter and more structured cardigan, you can also wear it to the office with our Leanne Classic White Shirt and either the Courtney Classic Skirt or Shannon Classic Pant.  Cardigans can also go over dresses, making it a fabulous investment wardrobe.

For more on cardigans, check out the article, Cardigan Chic in The Careerist. The article also features one of our favorite bloggers and blogs, Kat Griffin over at (image below from The Careerist.)

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Stress-Less Dressing: Finding the Perfect Shirt

Earlier this month, we had a Fashion Cafe and we thought we'd share with you a few excerpts.  Here's the first one where Sheri is talking about how to find the perfect shirt to take with you on a business trip.  She's using the Gigi blue and white striped shirt on the model because it goes with suits and can be paired with denim for a more casual look.

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Oh La La ... Basiques is in Rue La La

 Basiques was thrilled to be a RueLaLa Local Pick this week.  Just visit RueLaLa on Wed. Jan 13th or Thurs. Jan. 14th and save!

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