The New Normal: Investment Pieces

CBS Sunday Morning had a segment this weekend about how the economy is affecting consumers.  I couldn't help but focus on the brief discussion of fashion and how the classics were showing up on runways during New York's fashion week.  It seems even the designers understand that a woman doesn't need to buy a lot of expensive items to have a fashionably chic wardrobe.  She just needs to buy the right things.

New York Fashion Week just ended. Some of the collections were colorful, many were less edgy . . . more classic, according to fashion analyst David Wolfe.

"Right now, we are going back to the idea of investment clothing," Wolfe said. "You don't want to buy something disposable, because it ends up costing you too much money."

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Welcome to Simple White Shirt

Welcome to our new BASIQUES blog.  Why call it the Simple White Shirt? Because that's what we believe is the core of the perfect wardrobe.

After living in Paris, I fell in love with their lifestyle of simplicity.  When I returned to the States, I tried to build a similar wardrobe.  I found there were a lot of functional things, but not a lot of feminine things.  I launched BASIQUES September of 2001 because fashion should not be so hard!

The French women taught me to use a woman's frame as the design - to shape and contour and showcase femininity.  BASIQUES reinforces that you do not need a lot of things ... just a few really great things.  The focus is on fit, femininity, a splash of color and visual texture.

At BASIQUES we have identified 10 core pieces that coupled with underpinnings, accessories and a pair of denim - create an entire wardrobe.  The BASIQUES collection is a wardrobe based on the perfect white shirt.  The key pieces include a classic pant, a flirty skirt and a contemporary jacket.  The 10 core pieces can dress up or dress down.  Often, we have to dress for work, but we want to dress for the weekend.  The BASIQUES collection will fit into one suitcase and mix and match for all occasions.

Sheri Falk, Founder

simple. classic. elegant.

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