About the Visionary Image Consultant and Founder of BASIQUES

Sheri Falk is a Designer, Image Consultant, Fashion Coach, and Corporate Speaker.  She presents wardrobe seminars and workshops to women in the workplace.  Just because there is a dress code does not mean that we have to forget we are women!  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

Sheri has created a timeless collection, BASIQUES, that embraces the French lifestyle of simplicity.  She learned from French women that classic pieces which fit and flatter women’s frames are the basis of great wardrobes.

Nothing in Sheri’s early life would have predicted her future in fashion; she was a confirmed tomboy who borrowed shirts from her brother.  She graduated from the University of Texas in Arlington and mastered four semesters of French in order to fulfill the requirements of her degree, meanwhile falling in love with the French language and  culture.  After she received her B.A. in communications, Sheri moved to California and worked at Columbia Pictures in Hollywood.  Among the lavishly dressed, Sheri observed that the simply elegant  woman was the most graceful at industry soirees. 

Sheri earned an M.B.A. at Pepperdine University and focused on the import/export business.  She moved to Paris in 1993 to continue her study of the French language at the Sorbonne.  Once she gained acceptance in her second language, she began to listen carefully and speak less because she was learning from none other than Anne Fontaine.  This more informal type of education encouraged the development of Sheri's personal creativity.

Sheri partnered with Anne Fontaine in North America for six years.  Sheri had the opportunity to hear the basic insecurity of American women whose excesses often leave them with “nothing to wear.”  Sheri learned quickly that French women, who have grown up under the continuing influence of Coco Chanel, happily embrace her philosophy that less really is more and that things don't make a woman happy.  

Custom Women’s Professional Clothing

Sheri launched the BASIQUES  collection in Manhattan in 2001, when she realized how impossible it is to find pieces that reinforce the French philosophy that the woman is actually the design and that the first priority of fashion should be to look carefully at each individual client.

When Sheri dresses a woman, she observes her first.  Regardless of shape and size, BASIQUES emphasizes a woman’s silhouette.  An hour glass shape can be achieved as an illusion with highlights and accessories.  It is essential to recognize that too much fabric creates unattractive bulk.  BASIQUES  offers customized tailoring as part of the service.  Men have long benefitted from a custom fit for their professional clothes, and  women have been left to find things off the rack.

Carefully edited wardrobes simplify at least one major component of women’s lives, and they have more significant impact and greater achievement by focusing on being themselves.

“French women taught me to use a woman's frame as the design - to shape, contour and showcase femininity.  BASIQUES reinforces that you do not need a lot of things ... just a few really great things.  The focus is on fit, femininity, a splash of color and visual texture.”

- Sheri Falk

Women’s Classic Clothing

BASIQUES has identified 10 key pieces that coupled with underpinnings, accessories and your favorite pair of denim, will create an entire wardrobe reminiscent of the great style icons of this century.  The BASIQUES collection starts with the perfect white shirt and complements it with other key pieces including a classic, flowing pant; a flirty, fun skirt; and a contemporary fitted jacket. 

The BASIQUES collection takes you from the office to a night on the town, away for a business trip or even a weekend in the country.  For an added bonus, the entire BASIQUES collection fits into a single carry-on bag which means you can mix and match for all occasions no matter where life takes you. 

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