"I decided to surprise my wife with a wardrobe makeover from Sheri at Basiques. Sheri made it incredibly easy by coming to our house with her custom mobile showroom. Sheri took time going through all of the options with my wife. Offering high fashion tips and tricks in what to wear, what not wear and most importantly how to wear certain pieces. We should all be so lucky to have our own personal stylist offering current and relevant sage advice. My wife loved the gift, the surprise and the no hassle process."

-Steve Vierra
"I enjoyed Sheri's presentation at Deloitte's AERS WINning New Business" conference in Dallas. However, coming into her store for a personal consultation was a phenomenal experience! She taught me how to dress for my DEFANGED_body type, how to fit (or recover) current pieces of my wardrobe together in a better way and how to integrate new pieces from her collection into my own style. I highly recommend any professional woman who is looking to step up her game to spend some time with Sheri. My confidence AND COMFORT!!! in my professional wardrobe has been transforming, saving me time in the morning and freeing me up from self-conscious worries throughout my day. It has the added benefit of my husband loving my new look, too!! I went from being awkward and feeling like an out of place tom-boy to feeling put-together."

Regan Wynn
Manager, Deloitte & Touche, LLP
"I have never been somewhere where everything i put on actually fits ... perfectly!" 
Tracy McLauchlin
"I have been an admirer of the clothes on the Basiques site for a couple years and not living near one of the boutiques, I wasn't sure what size to order. With the new webcam measurement process, I was able to order the Leanne shirt and have it tailored to fit me as if I had been measured in the store. It was a simple process and the results were amazing! The shirt is beautiful and luxurious in quality and the fit is fantastic. This will be a cherished piece in my wardrobe and I have already ordered a couple more items and plan to be a customer for a very long time! Merci, Sheri!"   -- Lynn W. 


When it comes to businesswomen, we may come in all shapes and sizes and different levels of our careers, but there is one thing we can all agree on -- our need for an investment wardrobe. Sheri Falk, of Basiques, did a fantastic job at the Simmons Women and Leadership conference, where she provided tips and advice on how to pull together a fashionable, yet practical, work wardrobe. 

She focused on teaching the audience about the pieces that are "investment pieces," i.e., they are professional, likely to stay on trend across several years, and can take you from day to night as well as jetting around the world (all in a single carry-on suitcase). As someone who travels 40% of the time for business, I couldn't live without the wardrobe Sheri helped me build.

For younger women, it was a wakeup call as to what constitutes "professional attire" and what pieces are worth spending their hard-earned money on. For more senior women, there were a variety of reactions. First, Sheri convinced them to stop hiding their femininity. She demonstrated how they could be professional, yet celebrate the very curves that make them what they are - women.  Second, she provided guidelines to help them create a "stress-free" wardrobe - one where they would know what mixed and matched and how to tailor them appropriately.

Sheri's workshops and presentations are a must for any busy female executive or emerging leader who feels intimidated or overwhelmed by today's wardrobe choices.

Diane K. Danielson

Chief Platform Officer

Sperry Van Ness International Corp.


I attended a wonderful women’s event hosted by one of the industry’s top three Oil & Energy companies.  One of the highlights at the event was the “Making the Most of your Attire” wardrobe workshop.  The workshop was facilitated by  Sheri Falk of BASIQUES and featured company attendees styled in fashions that enhanced their professional appearance.  It was refreshing to hear Sheri's key message that  "The woman is the design ... not the clothing."  The group of 300 women attending the event learned how to fit and flatter their frame regardless of size and proportion.  This is important because as we all know, women perform better in the workplace when they feel better about themselves.  Feedback from the workshop was extremely positive and several attendees have had follow-up appointments with Sheri to receive personal consultation.  Overall, the wardrobe workshop was a resounding success.  Thanks Sheri!  – Kimberly J. Williams, Information & Data Manager, Global Fortune 500 Company


Sheri---thanks again for the wonderful wardrobe workshop you put on for our women’s network at Accenture.  With our busy schedules and travel demands, your philosophy on style and the basic pieces working women need in their wardrobe makes so much sense! This is really the type of advice we all need to make that short period of time we have to dress ourselves in the morning both efficient and pleasant. Your workshop certainly helped us visualize these basic concepts by seeing ensemble after ensemble put together in front of us, using our very own models.  It was helpful to see the range of ensembles from dressing up denim to business classic to evening elegant.  

I thought you gave us some great tips on the ten basic pieces every woman needs, how to accentuate our very best features, and add femininity to our look with accessories, layering and how we actually wear our clothes.  BASIQUES fabrics are sturdy but with a very luxurious feel---perfect for upholding the rigors of travel and looking great.  Your 80/20 rule of what is in our closets is so true.  Using your basic tips on what pieces are needed and what is (or isn’t flattering), I am inspired to go through my closet and clean out a lot of the 80% of the clothes I hardly ever wear, donate them to organizations such as Dress for Success, and make room for your figure flattering ensembles.  


We hope to have you back in the future so you can share more insights with our busy women!

Barbara Duganier

Senior Executive



Sheri ... Once again I want to say thank you for not only the wardrobe consultation but also for helping me regain my confidence.  You are so much fun to work with. Every time I look into my closet I get excited about what I am going to wear whereas before it used to fill me with dread.  It has been a long time since I felt like I had a sense of style and now armed with the knowledge of what to look for.  I guess I feel a bit more powerful. I no longer have to walk into a meeting and worry about how I am presenting myself.  Feel free to use me as a reference and I will definitely get a contact for the woman’s network at BP.   Sincerely, Pam Sack BP

As a professional mom who travels for business and fun, I fell in love with the BASIQUES line. It simplified my morning routine. I knew which basics went together, and Sheri's style tips helped me work in the accessories. I've managed to make it to trade shows and European vacations on a single carryon full of BASIQUES. I get nothing but compliments for the flattering styles and I can go from business meetings to nights out with small adjustments.

Diane K. Danielson
Chief Platform Officer
Sperry Van Ness International Corp.

I attended a women’s event hosted by the consulting firm that I work for. As part of the event, there was a “Dress for Success” workshop run by Sheri Falk at Basiques.  Being part of a consulting firm where travelling is the norm, it was incredibly beneficial to gain insights from professional stylists on how to best use and reuse key basic pieces. I learned how to transform outfits from day to night attire in just a few adjustments or additions. I learned how to pack light without forgoing style or dressing for the occasion. Mainly, I realized that dressing appropriately is less about what you wear, but more on how you wear it. 

Carolina Rivera

Deloitte & Touche, LLP


Hi Sheri,

I wanted to drop a quick note to say that I very much enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the MA Conference for Women.  I loved your energy and how well thought out the whole concept came across.  I came home and said to my husband that you were so compelling and clearly believed so much in your product I wanted to work for you on the spot which we both had a great laugh about because I’m not very fashionable.  I loved how beautiful, classic and even comfortable your clothes seemed.  I would love to go to work in your clothes because most days I feel like I’m not as well put together as I’d like to be.
Thanks again for your great work – it was a pleasure to watch someone so passionate about what they do,
Erika Hines Maguire, Assistant Vice President
State Street Global Advisors 

This weekend I had the best shopping experience of my life – and I am not exaggerating! BASIQUES [fashion] features all the essential pieces of a wardrobe that we think are easy to come by but, in fact, are not - simple, classic, well-fitting items that should be the staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Under the careful attention of store owner Sheri Falk, I was fitted for pants, skirts and tops in high quality, beautiful fabrics in a classic design intended to flatter a woman’s form and fit perfectly.

I LOVE her philosophy, developed during her time in France observing the timeless style of French women, that you don’t need a lot of things...just a few really great things.  What a concept!  And Sheri definitely has those “really great things” in her shop. As a busy professional real estate broker, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that in my closet hang all the essentials I will need for the foreseeable future in fabrics and styles that I can mix, match and add to as the need or want arises. LOVE this place and can’t wait to go back!

Elaine Lomenzo
Lomenzo Properties

Have you ever known anyone who always looks pulled together and envied their effortless style? I have found a little hidden secret. Owner and designer Sheri Falk of BASIQUES, has all the talents that come together to make you look and feel ready for that busy day ahead of you in a matter of minutes,  from the perfect outfits in your closet.

She takes the basic pieces of your wardrobe and has you utilize them continuously throughout your week and makes things work together..Assessories- especially scarves add that special touch to change an outfit in a matter of seconds. She designs clothes to fit the women not the runway model. For busy, traveling, professional women she makes a simple wardrobe easy and diverse to fit any occasion. She can pull you together and make you fell like a million bucks on a very reasonable budget.

Diana Potenza
Potenza Connection,Inc.

Basiques and Sheri's styling support has renewed my wardrobe and my confidence as a well turned-out woman. As a new Mom returning to "life," I felt overwhelmed by a large closet of clothes of which I could still wear (or still wanted to wear) about 20%. BASIQUES’ concept of classic, well fitted, "go to" pieces made sense to me, and the results have been terrific. Since my purchases, I have worn every item every week, and because of Sheri's styling help, I know how to mix the pieces so that no outfit is the same. I am wearing 100% of the pieces 100% of the time.

That's value! Another aspect of Basiques' value is Sheri's commitment to the perfect fit. In the boutique she pinned each item so that it would fit exactly as it was meant to, and she handled the process and payment of tailoring. One week later, I had perfectly fitting pieces hassle-free. This is a significant value-added benefit of shopping at BASIQUES. Most importantly, when my husband announced show tickets for a surprise night out, without stress or worry, I had a fabulous, beautifully fitting ensemble to wear. My husband's remark sealed my appreciation for Basiques and Sheri: "I am the envy of every guy tonight. You look so pretty!" Thank you BASIQUES!

Lisa Livens

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderful it was stumbling in to your shop.  I really enjoyed and appreciate the time [Sheri] spent showing me how to create a variety outfits out of the separate pieces.  What a wonderful concept…so stylish and yet so simple!

I am not sure if I mentioned but I recently ordered several shirts from … a custom tailor…and was very disappointed when they had to be sent back again and again to be re-fit and still do not fit correctly.  The BASIQUES shirts that I purchased are very stylish yet classic, have very nice feminine details with a great contour at the waist line … I like the idea of being able to order them in different colors and fabrics … I am wearing the white one today with the belt!

Anne Singleton
J. H. Blades & Co., Inc.


I recently attended a Dress for Success event for which Sheri from Basiques presented an amazing session. She had many new clothing ideas and styles for us to see. Sheri pointed out that though women have more curves then men, men are expected to tailor their business clothes while women feel that they need to wear them off the rack. Her emphasis on the cut and tailoring of the clothes was perfect. My colleagues and I left with motivation to get our wardrobes in shape!

Diana Batten

Deloitte & Touche, LLP

I have nothing but the highest praise for Sheri and her Basiques philosophy!  After attending an event put on by my employer, I feel confident in my ability to dress myself not only professionally but in a way that flatters my figure.  Why should men be the only ones with tailored, fitted work clothes?  Simple, stylish, and classic – this is the way that women should think about dressing themselves in a modern corporate world and this is the way that Sheri teaches women to think about their bodies and their clothes.  I even talked my mom into going to Basiques and she loved it.  Thank you Sheri!

Kathryn Sinclair

Deloitte & Touche, LLP


My new black pants are just amazing!  I was so surprised that the first time I wore them to work, several people noticed my pants. Who notices black pants!? They thought the pants fit really well and were wondering if I lost weight. So, I came back to your store and bought another pair! Thank you for your wonderfully fitting clothes.